Welcome to team vodo

Captain Strange
I am the FOUNDER of VODO. NO LIMITS!!! I refuse to be bound by the stresses of life. This is strongly portrayed through the brand as I've had to overcome so many trials and tribulations over the years. I try to enjoy myself no matter what I do and I encourage anyone and everyone around me to live with the same energy....whether they like it or not muwahahahahah


Mr Schnack

I am the MAN behind the scenes, the man who helps steer the ship. With determination and perseverance I have overcome many obstacles, through the disciplines of playing basketball I have learnt to fight for everything in life. NOTHING is given. It's all about being positive about yourself in a world where negative outlooks are often focused and forced upon you. I am the dreamchaser, but also the challenge breaker. Breaking barriers in modelling, basketball and youtube. Every obstacle can be turned into a beautiful lesson. Together with Capt Strange we will change the world...