Our Roots

VODO is about turning the Bitter things in life sweet. The word that we use to describe giving something your all, no matter how hard things may seem.

Our mission is to encourage everyone to push through every obstacle that comes their way. Fight through those struggles, so you can look back and laugh at what you’ve overcome.


Sold out in 2 weeks …

No less than two weeks and you guys helped us pull off the spectacular!!

We created a small run to see how the market would react and you guys loved it. So much that we had nothing left. We sold all 2400 bottles.

We absolutely love the small family we are building and we can't wait to grow even bigger! For those that are super eager, get yours now and don't miss out on what we have coming next!!


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"People often say THEY KNOW they won't like the drink because they don't like the taste of green tea! That is the exact reason why we made this amazing drink!"