Start 2019 the right way drinking green tea

This is for the skeptics among you who wonder why there's such a big fuss about the benefits of drinking green tea. What makes this tea different anyway, and why should anyone even consider drinking it?  

To answer the first question, a big benefit of drinking green tea is that it is a natural drink, even more, natural than the regular brown tea that you buy in a teabag. This is like comparing a salad to cooked vegetables. Are there not more nutrients in its natural state if you eat salad? Cooking can eliminate vital vitamins and minerals, and brown tea uses tea leaves that have matured and been processed.  

The tea is green because the tea leaves used are taken when the leaves are young. This does not mean it does not have the full strength of a tea leaf. On the contrary, the very reason why there are benefits to drinking green tea is that of the age of the tea leaves.  

Why drink green tea? There are proven benefits of drinking tea (green in particular). For one, it helps keep your hair, skin, eyes vibrant and young. However, over and above this is the fact that by drinking it, you can augment your weight loss plan, if you have one. If you want to lose weight, then starting on daily consumption of this tea will help, especially if done in conjunction with a healthy weight loss program.  

The reason why green tea has been touted as the weight loss tea is that it burns calories and converts them to energy. Try drinking it for a week, about 3 to 5 cups a day. You will notice renewed energy and less fatigue. Consuming this green tea ensures there is an increase in the rate of metabolism and will be able to do better regarding functionality as compared to these exotic and processed products. Another advantage comes in as this product doesn't have added any negative implications as all the ingredients are sourced naturally.

Other health benefits of drinking green tea range from increasing immunity to certain diseases and infections. Some researches show that it can help decrease the chance of getting cancer. While still in the research phase, all the results so far indicate a positive effect on one's health.  Just as you can not compare apples and oranges, you can not compare tea with soda or fruit juice. The reason behind this is that these exotic and processed products have so much sugar in them regarding additives. Green tea has nothing of the sort as it doesn't need any preservative or additive. It has some ingredients that have weight loss attributes. More to this green tea will ensure you have stronger bones.

Green tea cannot be bad for your body at all, and the advantages you accrue from it are incredible.