Oh so you do yoga... you're going to want some green tea

Green tea is an equally natural product that helps one who is actively involved in Yoga and also helps to reverse the effects of ageing. Rather than going back and getting that sculpted look through botox or commercial/chemical means, try the unique biochemical healing powers of green tea which rejuvenate and revitalize your body after a yoga activity. Good quality green tea is available at a well known online stores so its easily accessable. Now, finally, you can tap the fountain of youth and bring back glowing, vibrant skin through this all-powerful, healing beverage.  

 Green Tea: The Secret to Asian Longevity  Oriental people are known to have the longest life spans in the world, with many octogenarians from China and Japan hitting a century with ease. What is the secret of this? Well, Oriental and East Asian nations are the leading consumers of green tea which is rich in anti-ageing nutrients. Many people purchase green tea for reversing the impact of free radicals and ending the impact of ageing and repairing of cells after exercises.  What Are Free Radicals?  According to scientists, free radicals are produced when ageing happens as a consequence of chemical reactions in the cell. These toxins cause oxidative stress whereby they damage healthy cells, taking out their oxygen and eliminating collagen. Both oxygen and collagen play a vital role in keeping anti-ageing effects at bay. Collagen specifically is important to preserve the elasticity and youthful radiance of the skin.  The more free radicals a body generates, the older the person looks. Factors that influence free radicals range from exposure to UV rays to poor diet, alcohol and smoking as well as lifestyle choices.  

 Reverse Cellular Aging, Fight Free Radicals With Green Tea  Studies have shown that men who consumed green tea had their cells ageing at slower rates. Antioxidants in the tea trigger a process by which the number of free radicals lessens. If old age is hard on the knees, green tea can help here too. It is rich in flavonoids which make knees healthy and young, reducing cartilage and collagen destruction in arthritic joints, preventing both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritic conditions. Cleanse your skin and make it radiant by ingesting or using topical applications of green tea. It contains high quantities of catechins and polyphenols, which are phytonutrients that quite literally fight old age.  Potent Antioxidant Rich Green Tea  Green tea contains OPCs or oligomeric proanthocyanidins which slow down premature ageing. Studies have examined the telomere strands of green tea drinkers to see if cells have aged. Telomeres are protective capping at the edge of DNA strands. Every time cells divide, the telomeres lessen in size, and this harms cell replication. Researchers found longer telomeres in those who drank more during the day. It reverses the effects of ageing on the brain, skin and other organs of the body.

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