Goals? Some people set the ones that they know they can reach. If they increase their effort by a fraction, who knows maybe they could be millionaires. Some have goals set for them? Me, I keep em’ outrageous. I must explain... I don’t feel like the goals I set are…crazy but…others deem them absurd and quite frankly; unrealistic. Friends protecting me by telling me that I shouldn’t aim too high so I don’t get disappointed. “Don’t break your heart chasing something that’s illogical… Jerelle”. But like the optimistic fool I AM, I kept the goals in mind and chased them anyways. “THE DRINKS” better known as Green Tea helped me do that.


It started at Loughborough University, where I gave my self the goal of graduating. This may be a simple or easy goal for some. For me it was something I often shied away from. I was extremely dyslexic and I hated to put my attention in anything that I truly didn’t enjoy learning about. So I assumed that I was the textbook formula for failure.

I had friends that did not have to study as often as I did but do absolutely amazing during the exams, bloody... Anyways I tried hard (is what I told myself) but I never reached the grades that my peers were getting. I had to fix this, “there must be a way for me to get better grades” I convinced myself. I was right! I had to stay up later, put in the extra hours. This was something that I would easily fail in because my body would shut down when it felt it was time to conk out and would do so without warning.


So in one of my lectures, I learnt about the benefits of Green Tea. How it helps improve how the brain works and can also be used as a stimulant. It provided the body with caffeine and other minerals that it released in the body. Eureka! I needed to use this special ingredient to help me achieve my goals. I started drinking it like a mad man. I didn’t quite enjoy the taste of it pure so I would mix it with a cocktail of cordials, this seemed to help a lot. The drink helped me stay productive when I needed to most. I would feel tired quite often and not always be able to have the sleep I desired so the Green Tea personally helped a lot. Now, I have a full degree in Sports Management.


This part of my life was very hectic. I was also playing basketball for 3 different teams. Chasing my ambition to be a successful professional basketball player. I was waking up at 5AM EVERY morning. Green Tea was becoming my lifeline. If you were paying attention I said it helps with my focus (sounds like you need some too) but it also had properties that helped with maintaining my weight and my endurance. Now, I play basketball for the London Lions (Professional UK team). How’s that for an illogical dreamer?


Green tea saved my life by helping me chase my dreams and like the fool they said I was, I have no plans of stopping. Whilst playing basketball and trying to be the best player I can be I am trying to run my business. Selling the exact product that helped me push my limits. A Green Tea juice drink that tastes sensational. So, I am still doing the late nights and the hard hustle, but you know what, that’s what fools do.