Green tea could have saved Britney Spears !!

Now, I know you have seen the title and probably held a confused face. Before we go into why green tea could have been the saviour to Britneys’ infamous breakdown. We all saw it, we were all shocked! “Britney, Why?!? What did your hair do to you!?” A lot people, the hair did a lot…

brittany spears .jpg

Let’s rewind back to her heyday’s, ‘Gimme More’ or the ‘Toxic’ period, when she was the Queen of the hill. She was constantly on the face of media, her fame came with a lot of speculation about how she lived her life. Furthermore, how she parented. She stated “I think I had to give myself more breaks through my career and take responsibility for my mental health”.

A lot of people don’t pay much attention to how they tend to their mental health. Other celebrities also say that it is something that is neglected and underestimated. Ellie Goulding said she often had to fight her own symptoms of anxiety.

So why Green Tea? It’s like super coffee! It helps the brain function better and improves its overall health. Putting you in a better position to combat mental battles. Green tea has a natural release of caffeine (milder then coffee) but it also comes with a side of l-theanine. This ass kicking duo helps the brain focus whilst feeling anxious and also withdraws the jittery effect that you usually get with coffee.


We all need to look after ourselves and one way we can start is being mindful about what we are putting in our bodies that will improve our mental health.

Do you think there could have been a time where some tonsil kicking green tea could have been your true saviour? Let us hear it…