I think my cat drinks green tea

Cats cats cats… You have to love them. They are smart, chilled (if not infused with some catnip) and they have a really cute way of making you feel loved while they purrr alongside you. Okay, putting the cute stuff behind us, they can also be the devil’s spawn. They will spill coffee all over your laptop, wake you up with their ass in your face at 4.30am or test the strength of their claws in your luxurious mattress (the one you haven’t quite finished paying off). This however, I can’t put in to either bracket. I can’t tell my family or friends as they will think that I have lost my mind. So I have turned to you (you can send the invoice for the therapy session after).

I have recently had a few cases of VODO stacked in my sitting room. Sorry, VODO is a green tea drink with some real sexy flavours. There’s nothing else like it! They are delivered in boxes of 12 and personally, I have only had 3 bottles. Somehow 3 more have gone missing. My girlfriend would tell me if she had taken any of the bottles (I have reluctantly come to terms with the phrase ‘what’s mine is yours’). Let me state my case so you can understand why I have come to this conclusion.

She… She… She stares at me! I know it sounds strange but it is like she’s plotting against me. She will sit in the shadows at the top of the bookshelf and just stare at me. Her body still, whilst her eyes move with me like a sniper’s laser. She does not acknowledge any of her toys, she never used to have this kind of focus. Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine. Along with some other properties, it helps improve your focus, memory and how well your brain functions.

I can hear them but I cannot smell them. So my cat loves my face filled with pain when she farts around me. More recently I have noticed I can hear them (like a baby blowing out birthday candles) but I can’t smell them. She slowly walks off like she is disappointed with herself. Green tea helps the body’s digestive system. It’s a contributing factor as to why people say it helps with losing weight.

She is training for Formula 1. Every Sunday and Wednesday my cat trains to be a Formula 1 racer. She will sprint around the house continuously until she gets tired (this usually lasts 3 laps) then she stops and tends to her nails. Licking and mending ready for her future training sessions. Now she is a greyhound possessed, she will run a full 3 minutes without stopping. Green tea is known for helping with endurance. A lot of athletes and gym goers use green tea to help prepare themselves for a tough workout.

Considering all of the evidence supplied, who stole my VODO... My cat or may girlfriend?

To check out the amazing flavours that the cat has been drink. Click on the link below

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